The Domain Name

Having the right domain name is vital to a branding strategy in today’s digital world. You need customers to remember how to connect to you online. The domain name is that link to a long term relationship between your brand and your customer. We stand ready to help you in this process.

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We have been brokering top tier domain names since 2015. We also offer consultancy services into this unique realm of digital intellectual property should you need the stealth acquisition of a domain name asset. We have over two decades of experience in domain name acquisition and divestment. Your ability to remain an undisclosed principal could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in getting the domain name you want.
Lee Hale
Founder & Senior Consultant

Top Level Domains

The dot Com (.com) generic top-level domain represents the ultimate symbol of the online mastery of one’s brand.

Customer Trust

Having the right domain name ensures your business has the customer’s attention & trust. Without this trust you risk losing valuable customer interaction.

Solid Branding

Standing out among your competition doesn’t have to be difficult. Owning the right domain name separates the leaders from the followers.